With more than 25 years of experience and on going continuing education with all types of dog I can help solve your problems.

From working with show dogs, therapy dog, search and rescue dogs to solving complex, serious aggression issues I have more experience  with diverse problems then most people will ever dream about.

I not only teach other people how to solve these issues but I own two dogs that had severe behavior issues and would have been put down had I not adopted them.  I understand what my clients are going through because I have been there also.

I offer the following:

Sport Training

From Hiking to running, Stand up Paddleboarding, Kayaking and even Rappelling!  Find out how bring your dog along!

Dog/Dog and Dog/Human Reactivity and Aggression

Does your dog bark, lunge or go after people or other dogs?  Stop this now, learn how.

Puppy Training (8-16 weeks) Learn how all you need can be taught now!

Basic-Advanced Obedience

From sit stay to backwards heeling it's all possible and within your reach. 

House Manners

have a dog you will be proud of when people come to visit.

Helping people and their pets live a happy life together.  Using proven, simple, positive training to solve issues and prevent future problems.

Learn why using positive training techniques is not a fad but a time proven way to get reliability, prevent many predictable issues and cut your training time.


Eleasha Gall, CPDT-KA

Serving El Segundo and surrounding communities


consultation services

services for dog owners

25 Years Experience

15 Years Specializing in Behavior Modification


I have been serving as a professional consultant to other trainers and professionals for over 10 years.  Contact me for the following:

Doggie Day Care

Pet Sitting Service

In Home Day Training

Animal Facility Design

Humane Care

Dog Body Language for Professionals

Group and Private Curriculum

Levels Training Curriculum and Implementation